Data Sgp Tools For Educators

Data Sgp is a valuable tool that can help educators better understand student growth. The tool compares assessment scores of students to academically-similar peers to reveal insights into a student’s progress in learning and provides information that educators can use to formulate plans to improve a student’s performance. The tool also reveals how students perform in different subject areas and across grade levels.

The SGP data extract contains a number of fields, including the assessment score and its corresponding value in the mSGP scale (e.g., a scale score of 50 indicates that the student’s assessed growth is equal to or greater than half of all students with comparable scores histories on that subject-matter test). The SGP is based on a range of factors that are important for educator evaluation, such as content mastery, course level, and the ability to demonstrate understanding. This makes it an important component of a teacher’s overall score.

A growing number of teachers are using the mSGP as part of their educator evaluations. For 2022-2023, the mSGP counts for 5% of a qualifying teacher’s evaluation and 10% of a qualifying principal’s and AP/VP’s evaluation. It is important to note that the mSGP does not replace existing components of evaluation, such as classroom observations or student achievement data.

The mSGP is calculated by applying a growth formula to each of the state assessments administered for high school graduation, and averaging them. The SGP score is based on the average of the student’s scores on the three required exams: the M-STEP, the SAT, and the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE).

Districts can see student growth in the Student Profile/Growth dashboard, which has been updated to include SGP data for students in grades 4-11. SGP data is not yet available for students in high school, and it will appear only once those grades are added to the system next fall. In the meantime, Clare-Gladwin and Macomb ISDs have created macro driven MS Excel documents that can take a district’s student data file from BAA Secure Site and plot both achievement and growth.

These tools are helpful for those districts that are new to the mSGP, or those who are looking for additional ways to visualize their student growth data. To get started, districts can download their students’ data from the BAA Secure Site and copy/paste the DATA ONLY (not the header or formulas) into one of these spreadsheets. The sgpData folder, located in the SGPdata package installer, includes exemplar WIDE and LONG format data sets to assist with this process. The sgpData_LONG format is a longitudinal dataset with each case/row representing an individual student, and columns for the various assessments associated with that student at various times. The sgpData_WIDE is an exemplar WIDE format data set that models the format for the studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections functions.